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On Being A Bastard

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Auto-da-fé :: The public execution of those sentences by secular authorities, especially by burning at the stake.

Caveat emptor :: Let the buyer beware

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The Mars Volta - De-Loused In The Comatorium
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okay, so for the first time in many years i have to say that today was a pretty awesome birthday. thanks to everyone that made it special, Jews and Gentiles alike. Of special note though are P-Diddy, Kim-Kim, and the Ragin Candain. oh yeah,.... and frikkin Kingdom Hearts II.
Word. -MBS

PS - Honorary Mention goes to McDonalds for wonderful things like the DOUBLE FILLET O' FISH with extra tartar sauce. Frikkin YUM!

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This is the time of year that i always feel like a loser. I always build up my birthday in my head and then they usually just end up sucking more than every other day.
I've now been alive for 201616.69371 hours. Thats 23 years and about 3 hours. I was born on this day 23 years ago at 1AM in a Military hospital on a now defunct (to the best of my knowledge) Military base in Frankfurt, Germany.
In many ways i'm thankful and sometiems even amazed at what i have in my life, but also i constantly feel disappointed in what i've accomplished. Mostly because what I've accomplished is basically jack-shit.
Ah well, another day, another 24 hours, another dollar..and the wheels keep turning.

So keep the blood in your head
And keep your feet on the ground
If today's the day it gets tired
Today's the day we drop out
Gave up my body and bed
All for an empty hotel
Wasting words on lower cases and capitals
-Brand New

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Th Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows BY Brand New
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Ask me a question about each of the following:

1. Friends.
2. Sex.
3. Music.
4. Drugs.
5. Love.
6. Livejournal.

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential.
Then post this in your journal and see what questions you get asked!
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So I was having sex this afternoon and becomae rather vocal about the time I orgasmed. turns out that was pretty much awesome cus it woke my roomate up so that he wasn't late for work. I'm so nice. Woot.
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Block Party - Silent Alarm
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For any that don't have it...my screenname is now added to my bio. Talk to me!!!!!
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Ladytron - Light & Magic
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So tonight i found out that i had a wild night of (and i quote) "sexcapades" with three men!!!! Who knew?! Not me.
Apparently that's the rumor going around work about me. i find this funny, cus the true story is that i was at a party one night and made out with 4 different people. some of you were there to witness this, but such is the way of rumors...i figure there's a 50/50 chance of the next thing going around being a) i fucked an astronaut..on the moon; or b) i did half of the chicago bears gang bang style. Ah silly gossip mongers. Now the reason i find all this funny is because i don't mind telling the truth if someone were to come ask me about it, but if someone wants to talk about ti behind my back..then fuck em. I'll just laugh. Anywho..just thought i'd put that out there...and hey i must be frikkin sick or something...cus i actually wrote a journal entry. damn. -MBS
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Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison (LE)
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this is just an entry to tell you all that my LJ sucks cus i never post to it cus i'm lame.

so in lieu of an actual post about an actual topic...i'll just tell you guys the new music i've been getting into.

He Is Legend
older Unkle..like before they put out "psyence fiction"

and the other music i've been getting back into:

Rob Zombie
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Queens Of The Stone Age

peace out homies

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bouncy..in an indy music way
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PGMG - The New Romance
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Carbon Leaf lastnight kicked total ass. Thanks to the girlies Erica, Amanda, and of course Kim that made it not only possible, but necessary for me to go. Woot Woot! 20 Kool-Aid Points for you all!

I had a really good time, got a neat new trucker hat...and then proceeeded to get it signed by all 5 members of the band.

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Sickness SUCKS!!! it's impossible to get comfortable, i lose hours at work, i can't really sleep for extended periods of time so in addition i get boredom..-_- *hates this so much*
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